Moments Of Light!


Many years of my life have been spent in a search for “Moments Of Light”, and to Capture such a moment of light, or it’s so called absence, whenever an opportunity would present itself. In my pursuit of finding and capturing light, I chose photography as my medium of expression.

Throughout my years in photography, whenever I have placed my eye behind a viewfinder, or more recently, gazed at a live-view LCD on occasions, I have become assured and reassured, that there is no such thing as “Absence of Light”.

These “Moments Of Light” may be literal or it may even be philosophical; an event, which may trigger a series of thoughts, a happening which may change the way we look at our lives, a smile camouflaging unbearable pains underneath, chapped fingers of a child not because of play but as a result of labor, wrinkles on an elderly face telling a story long forgotten; nature and the treasures it holds for us, the clouds, the seas, the sands, the greens, the barrens, the awe-inspiring details of an insect no larger than a grain of sand, the gigantic deathly snow-covered peaks which only few are able to conquer, the actions and reactions that last a mere split of a second, and many such moments, which become a slice of history when captured and preserved as a photograph.

Over the years, photography for me has turned into a passion and a way of expressing my point of view. I am a Professional Manager and a Textile Technologist during the weekdays and an artist with a camera and lens by nights and weekends.  Throughout these years, I have remained a student of Photography, learning something new every passing day, making it a point to pass over that knowledge to any seekers I may come across, while continuing to remain to be a student of this lucid form of expression.

Do you see the “Light”? Look again….. You Surely Will !!


Omer Sidat

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